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Tarcoll Construction

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Fire Damage

This home in Wagga Wagga had suffered severe fire damage to the rear section/rooms of the house. Tarcoll completely rebuilt the fire damaged areas including all interior frames, walls, flooring and fixtures. In addition to this the fire ravaged exterior also received the Tarcoll Construction touch to transform the burnt house into a home once again at the sheer relief of the owner.

At the completion of this project Jane (the owner) was "Happy as a pig in mud" and was thrilled with the speed and thoroughness of the repair as well as the underlying support from the entire Tarcoll Construction team.







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Flood Damage

This particular home had been subject to severe flood damage to the majority of the property. The flood damaged bathroom, which was completely rebuilt, took 7 days from start to finish and was designed with a minimalistic, modern and fresh style, whilst still preserving its usability and features "easy to clean" finishings.  Further works extended to include the lounge/ dining room, a complete new kitchen, sunroom, enuite/bathroom, and, tiling throughout the home and main areas was required.   All of this work was completed over a 4 week period to meet our provisioned completion date aimed at allowing the owners to move back in after the flooding.

At the completion of this project the clients comments were “Tarcoll gave her a reason to live” and this emphasised a rewarding experience not only for the customer but also for Tarcoll employees.







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Bathroom Renovation

The scope of works was to add value to the property at a minimal cost with water proofing to prevent what happened with the old bathroom. We used modern materials and with a 10 day construction period from start to finish, there was minimum inconvenience caused to the residents.









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Rosies of John's River is well known as the place to stop for a tasty snack and great coffee.  Late 2010 Rosies got a new facelift to make it look as good as the food and coffee they serve.